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Paul Harris's Birthday

Celebrating Paul Harris
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Dear Elwyn,

On 19 April 1868, Rotary founder Paul Harris was born in Racine, Wisconsin, USA. Among the most enduring symbols of the goodwill that he spread are the trees he planted around the world. Join us in celebrating the anniversary of Paul Harris’ birth by reading about these friendship treesor by making a special gift to The Rotary Foundation. 

How else will you mark the occasion? Tell us by writing to You could be featured in the next issue of Paul Harris Society Resource. Subscribe to this quarterly newsletter if you haven’t already to get updates on membership, find out what motivates our contributors, and read about what’s happening at the Foundation. 

Thank you for being a member of the Paul Harris Society. Rotary leaders like you allow Paul Harris’ legacy of fellowship, friendship, and community service to flourish.

The Rotary Foundation
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Getting Ready for 9620

This year we’ll be undertaking our District Changeover on-line.
Put it in your calendar – Saturday 3rd July; 2.30pm – 4.30pm.
We’ve decided that the major time when we’ll come together each year will be at our District Conference, much the same as Rotary International and our Annual Conventions.
Lots of ideas came into finalising this decision - Our District covers a large area and it doesn’t seem equitable to hold a District event for a couple of hours when so many of our Clubs would find it difficult to participate.
Some consideration was given to the situation with COVID though, like many of you it’s my hope that by the time July comes round we’ll be moving freely across our great country. A  Rotarian in America this morning assured those of us talking with him that everyone in America will be able to get the vaccination as they wish quite soon, there’ll be no supply issues and therefore Americans will be able to travel anywhere in the world. Let us hope that will be the case but also think of the many countries that will be looking for support to make that happen. Let’s keep our safety high up on the list of priorities.
So – Join us on the afternoon of 3rd July and hear from District Governor Patrice from 9630 and District Governor Neil from 9600 and as we prepare to take off, and then frame our Chains of Office and move to recognise the start of District 9620.
The celebrations that come with the Club Changeovers will be where Rotarians and Rotaractors share the annual handing of the baton to a new Club President or confirm the continuation of the current President. Please send an email to Sue Mulraney ( and share the details of your Club Changeover. We’ll attempt to have the District Governor or a Past District Governor share the event with you.
District Grants
We’re rapidly reaching the closing date for applications for District Grants for the 2021 – 2022 year……. and so far only three applications have been received.  We have a significant fund base that we can allocate so please, think about the projects your Clubs want to be involved in and submit those applications.
Under the new rules of the Rotary Foundation funds that we don’t allocate will be returned (after five years) to core Foundation programs   - perhaps Polio Plus, Peace Centre or the Annual Fund. Let’s be active and have 9620 clubs decide what projects they’d like to be involved in.
The closing date is 30 April so get a move on.
DG Visits in the 2021 – 2022 year
A very big thank you to the Assistant Governors who are working with the Clubs in their clusters to confirm dates for DG visits. It’s a bit like playing chess trying to manage each of these.
A special thank you to those clubs who are agreeing to join with others for the visit and congratulations to AG Rutian Mi and the Clubs in the Kinross cluster – all information forms from the Presidents elect have been submitted and all of the DG visits have been confirmed.
Some dates earlier in the year will become available as Clubs combine and I’ll get in touch if there can be some movement.
I have made the decision that I won’t be planning my DG visits to Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands or Nauru until there is more certainty around international travel. I am sad about that as our Rotarian friends in the Clubs in those countries are inspirational to visit and to share their commitment to our Rotary values. Hopefully I can make those visits before the end of the 2021 -2022 year.
Our next  Conference:    DO MORE – GROW MORE  
Save the date: We’ll be together at the Caloundra Events Centre on 18-19-20 March 2021.
Conference Chair Jenny Smith of the Sumner Park Club is working with a very active committee on the organisation of what will be the chance for us to celebrate District 9620 at our first ever District conference.
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Getting Ready for 9620

District Training
Each year the District Training Coordinator facilitates sessions to provide in depth Rotary information to our leadership teams and to support Clubs in their quest to pass Rotary knowledge to their members.  I think we’re all guilty at times of presuming that knowledge is gained by osmosis rather than by our considered steps to learn about the organisation we’re part of.
I consider Doug St Clair to be an excellent training facilitator and am thankful that he accepted the position of 9620 Training Facilitator. This past month he led a day of training for the incoming Assistant Governors and Coordinators. Through a series of talks and group activities we had the opportunity to extend our knowledge and to learn about how others intended to undertake their roles.  For me, that’s one of the keys in Rotary. There is no one correct way to undertake a role and each year we get to see flexible approaches. This year we’ll see not just a change due to those who’ve accepted the roles but also because 9600 and 9630 are uniting – two historical ways of doing things becoming one.  Be prepared to accept the differences.
President Elect Training (PETS) this year will be an on-line experience over two mornings on the 10thand 11th April.  Doug is organising our program and we’ll each be involved in eight sessions – invitations have been circulated with preparation including some pre-reading from the Rotary Learning Centre
Training Assemblies are still being planned – maybe some through the combination of a few clusters. A neighbouring District has this year piloted Assemblies via ‘cluster musters’ and that may be a way to reach more Rotarians across our bigger District.
District Grants
The closing date for District Grants is 30 April so take your time to submit applications. If you need more information about the process in the coming year make contact with our Foundation Chair Elwyn Hodges or our Grants Chair Alan Stephens.  I’ve heard lots of good ideas as I’ve been visiting Clubs, now it’s your turn to submit the applications
Election of the District Governor Nominee
Interviews for the role of District Governor Nominee are scheduled to occur in early April. The applicants and panel members have the date locked into their calendars.
DG Visits in the 2021 – 2022 year
Late last year the first cut of dates for DG visits over the coming year was circulated (via the Assistant Governors) with a special request that discussions took place for combined visits where possible as visiting more than 120 clubs would be possible but a big challenge. Thank you to the Clubs where those conversations have already started but over the next few weeks I’ll start making some changes myself. I’ve decided that the dates I’ve set aside for visits to the Island Clubs will not occur later this year so some variation in the schedule is required.  If the date proposed for your Club is one of the ones on those dates your Assistant Governor will be in touch.

DGE Wendy Protheroe
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Getting Ready for 9620

Posted by Elwyn Hodges
Newsletter – December 2020
9620 Update
Clusters and Assistant Governors (AG):
For the charter of District 9620 our District will be managed through fourteen clusters, each with an Assistant Governor who will provide direct support to the clubs and assistance to the District Governor. They will be making contact with your clubs at least four times a year – maybe face to face, by zoom or with your Presidents at a cluster meeting.
Each cluster has been named after a Past Rotary International President and the details include the theme for the year – perhaps it can be a motivating idea for the year’s activities
Clusters include between 8 and 10 clubs with at least one of those being from our three smaller island countries.  We are part of South East Queensland, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Nauru.

DG Visits
A calendar for the DG to visit every club during the year has been completed but I’m hoping is that you will work with other Clubs either within your cluster or that you otherwise work closely with and decide to combine for the visit.  It could be two clubs or ten clubs – your choice. I don’t believe the meeting needs to be formal – you can decide a way in which I can meet as many as possible and can see Rotary at work. Your AGs will be in touch in the next few weeks to distribute the calendar of visit dates and also to learn about your President Elect

Please click the below link for the list of charter AGs and their clusters.
D9620 Assistant Governors 2021-22 and Clusters
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