District Training
Each year the District Training Coordinator facilitates sessions to provide in depth Rotary information to our leadership teams and to support Clubs in their quest to pass Rotary knowledge to their members.  I think we’re all guilty at times of presuming that knowledge is gained by osmosis rather than by our considered steps to learn about the organisation we’re part of.
I consider Doug St Clair to be an excellent training facilitator and am thankful that he accepted the position of 9620 Training Facilitator. This past month he led a day of training for the incoming Assistant Governors and Coordinators. Through a series of talks and group activities we had the opportunity to extend our knowledge and to learn about how others intended to undertake their roles.  For me, that’s one of the keys in Rotary. There is no one correct way to undertake a role and each year we get to see flexible approaches. This year we’ll see not just a change due to those who’ve accepted the roles but also because 9600 and 9630 are uniting – two historical ways of doing things becoming one.  Be prepared to accept the differences.
President Elect Training (PETS) this year will be an on-line experience over two mornings on the 10thand 11th April.  Doug is organising our program and we’ll each be involved in eight sessions – invitations have been circulated with preparation including some pre-reading from the Rotary Learning Centre
Training Assemblies are still being planned – maybe some through the combination of a few clusters. A neighbouring District has this year piloted Assemblies via ‘cluster musters’ and that may be a way to reach more Rotarians across our bigger District.
District Grants
The closing date for District Grants is 30 April so take your time to submit applications. If you need more information about the process in the coming year make contact with our Foundation Chair Elwyn Hodges or our Grants Chair Alan Stephens.  I’ve heard lots of good ideas as I’ve been visiting Clubs, now it’s your turn to submit the applications
Election of the District Governor Nominee
Interviews for the role of District Governor Nominee are scheduled to occur in early April. The applicants and panel members have the date locked into their calendars.
DG Visits in the 2021 – 2022 year
Late last year the first cut of dates for DG visits over the coming year was circulated (via the Assistant Governors) with a special request that discussions took place for combined visits where possible as visiting more than 120 clubs would be possible but a big challenge. Thank you to the Clubs where those conversations have already started but over the next few weeks I’ll start making some changes myself. I’ve decided that the dates I’ve set aside for visits to the Island Clubs will not occur later this year so some variation in the schedule is required.  If the date proposed for your Club is one of the ones on those dates your Assistant Governor will be in touch.

DGE Wendy Protheroe