Contact: David Hale
Brisbane Arts Theatre
210 Petrie Terrace
Brisbane City, QLD 4000

Following the highly successful 2018 season, Shrek returns to the Arts Theatre in 2022.

Complete with tap dancing rats, a fire breathing dragon, and Shrek’s trademark Scottish lilt, this is a show for the whole family. Featuring the songs of the Broadway production, follow the story of Shrek and Donkey as they fight their way past singing skeletons, to rescue Princess Fiona and deliver her to Lord Farquaad before the sun goes down.

A story of friendship, bravery and self-acceptance, this is a fun and heart-warming show that will be sure to have your toes tapping all the way home. ‘Let your freak flag fly!!’ 

This Rotary fundraiser is for the not-for-profit Brisbane Arts Theatre. So, they can fund Mental Health First Aid training for staff, and volunteers.

It means that people can better respond to a mental health crisis of a family member or friend. 

Mental health issues impact millions of Australians.  

About every 6 tickets sold pays for the training of one person, so we hope that you can attend this performance of Shrek The Musical. 

  • Tickets: $55+BF
  • Bookings Link and contact link on the left