The Women's College, University of Queensland
College Rd.
St Lucia, QLD 4067

Rotary Peace Fellows' Seminar 2023

"Fostering Peace: Leave No One Behind"

The Rotary Peace Centre at the University of Queensland was established in 2001, after an extensive worldwide search by Rotary International. Rotary wished to initiate a new program that would make a practical contribution to the quest for a more peaceful world. Annually up to 110 Peace Fellows attend one of the 7 Rotary Centres around the world to undertake a Master’s Degree or Professional Development Certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies. This reflects Rotary’s commitment to education and learning as an important tool in the goal to advance peace and justice internationally, alongside its other major focus of humanitarian work such as eradicating Polio and improving water and sanitation in various locations around the world.