Ozfish Processing Facility
8 Howard Smith Drive
Port of Brisbane, QLD 4178

The next opportunity to participate in the Ozfish Oyster shellfish reef restoration day is ...

There are four dates to choose from, Wednesday 13th April,  Sat 23rd April, Wed 11th May and Saturday 21st May. Come to as many as you like!
The time is from 8am to 12 noon at the Ozfish processing facility at 8 Howard Smith Drive Port of Brisbane.
Please wear covered in shoes, long pants and long sleeve shirt and hat / sunscreen for sun protection as this is a work site.

Please Register using the link on the left.

We Need Volunteers To Help Us Build And Deploy Robust Oyster Baskets To Restore The Lost Shellfish Reefs Of Moreton Bay!

The working bees will be at 8am-12pm. Working bees will take place at the OzFish Shell Recycling Centre at 8 Howard Smith Drive, Port of Brisbane. We will be washing recycled shells, building Robust Oyster Baskets (ROBs) and deploying the units. The ROBs are used as base structures for ground-breaking shellfish restoration projects in the bay. Please remember to wear sun-smart clothing, sunscreen and a hat. If you have gloves, please bring them and don’t forget to bring plenty of drinking water and perhaps a snack. Please also note that there are no bathroom facilities on site. Registration is essential