QPAC Playhouse
Russell St
South Brisbane, QLD 4101

Back in July 2020, the Rotary Club of Brisbane entered into discussions with a group of young people with a fantastic dream - to bring one of the greatest currently dancing ballet dancers to Brisbane and at the same time provide financial support for retired workers in the entertainment industry.

Since then, the shape of the dream has changed several times under the vicissitudes and occasional serendipities of COVID-19, artist availability and the changing requirements of venues.

Through all this the twin dreams remain intact. The Ballet International Gala organisation will bring principal dancers from the Royal Ballet, the American Ballet Theatre, the Astana Opera, our own Queensland Ballet and others to the stage in Brisbane and Caloundra for 7 performances only. A percentage of the take will be donated to Roadies Retreat inc.

The Rotary Club of Brisbane is proud of its role in helping to get the dream moving in the beginning and awed by what it has grown into. This will be one of the most significant ballet events in Queensland in our lifetimes.

When the details of the Sunshine Coast performance is available, it will get its own calendar entry. In the meantime the latest intelligence about this and the Brisbane event along with ticket sales are available from the link on the left.