1. ​​​​​​My Rotary is the quickest and most efficient way to donate:

  • it is the most secure option
  • allows donors to self-manage their giving
  • provides very significant cost savings in administration.
As club officers, you can use MyRotary to donate on behalf of the club or on behalf of its members. This is usually done through an officer’s personal credit/debit card.

For individual donors, the How to Donate Online through MyRotary guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a MyRotary account and make contributions – please share this link with your members. 
Note that: credit card and bank account details should never be sent to us by email – it is a major security risk – use My Rotary instead. If donors need assistance, they can email risppo.finance@rotary.org and request a call back – for example, we can obtain their credit card details by phone, credit card donations processed from 1 July cannot be counted as FY22 giving.

2. EFT is the next best option after MyRotary – see our Bank Transfer Instructions:

Funds transfers received in our bank accounts by 30 June will be counted as FY22 giving.
Please email risppo@rotary.org when transfers are made, nominate a fund (such as Annual Fund) and a member distribution list if appropriate. It takes 6-8 weeks for our banks to trace unidentified deposits and, if we cannot identify these by the first week of July, the contribution cannot be recorded as FY22 giving.
To download a list of members and their donor IDs, go to MyRotary/Club & District Administration/Reports, scroll down to Club Reports/Membership/Rotary Club Members, then click on View List. You can use this Excel spreadsheet to provide us the contribution breakdown when you email us about the EFT.

3. Cheque donations can be sent to our office but kindly send these well ahead of time.

All cheques dated and postmarked on or before 30 June, and received before 6 July, will be recorded as FY22 contributions. Posting contribution forms is safer but delivery time is very unpredictable.
PHF Recognitions are arranged by completing the Recognition Transfer Form and emailing it to risppo@rotary.org.