$2.50 Book Sale

Most Books $2.50 each, Premium Books $5.00 +

The Rotary Club of Wishart provides this Literacy project twice a year. The aim of this project is to provide low-cost preloved books for people of all ages. The cost of the books is set to cover the expense of running the event. Any surplus revenue left after all expenses have been met will be allocated to community service projects. A small portion of these surplus funds may be allocated towards the general running of the Rotary Club of Wishart.
Over the years thousands of books have been assigned to us from the State Library and other Libraries throughout Queensland as well as private donors. All books are sorted into the general categories listed below and are displayed in these categories during the book sale


Rotary Club of Wishart have an interesting and ongoing Fundraising Project which we want to share with other Clubs in our District.
For some years our Club has conducted a bi-annual Book Sale which has been the main fundraiser for the Club enabling significant contributions and support of Rotary and community projects.
Due to the effects on the community from COVID and other constraints recent Book Sales have been impacted, but the access to and continuing take-up of books being donated has resulted in a build- up of book stocks.  We do not turn down opportunities to accept donations of books, as this part of the Project is just as important as the sales days’ efforts.
Our Club is now in the situation of having an excess of good book stocks, mostly sorted and categorised, which we want to make available to Clubs in our District, together with as much operational detail of what is needed, for them to conduct such a project.
 Are there Clubs who are interested in taking up this opportunity ??