Regionalisation Vote Date is now 15th of September.

The vote has now been pushed out to the 15th of September 2022 allowing 2 weeks for the clubs to get their votes in by 29th of September, giving clubs more time to discuss the Regionalisation project.
  • If a club does not vote, then it will be counted as a No vote.
  • •The club’s vote will be by electronic ballot, managed by the Rotary International South Pacific and Philippines Office.
  • •The club president will receive an email on the 15th of September enabling them to vote on their club’s behalf from
  • •The club president shall cast the vote in accordance with the members decision and then confirm having done so back to the members.
  • •The President will cast the digital vote on a smartphone or computer, through email access.
  • •Each club will have one vote.
The wording on the question to clubs on Regionalisation will be:
Do you approve of a zone 8 pilot.
This club approves participation in a pilot to develop, test and evaluate a new regional approach to supporting and governing Rotary and Rotaract clubs and members in zone 8 from July 2023 to June 2026.
(Yes or No)

Download The latest version of the Regionalisation Toolkit

You can download a PDF version of this update or contact D9620 Regionalisation District Representative PDG Chris Wright using the buttons below