How to Apply for and Manage a District Grant

1. Grants Management Seminar

The first step in applying for any Rotary International Foundation grant is to ensure that at least two active members your club are appropriately trained and can communicate foundation grant requirements to members in the club. This qualification can be met in any of the following ways:

2. Sign the Club TRF MOU and Club Financial Management Plan

Before applying for a district or global grant, your club must agree to implement the financial and stewardship requirements in this MOU provided by The Rotary Foundation (TRF) and to send at least one club member to the district’s grant management seminar each year. The district may also establish additional requirements for club qualification and/or require its clubs to be qualified in order to participate in district grants. By completing these requirements, the club becomes qualified and eligible to participate in Rotary grants.

In addition, the President and President-Elect must sign the Club Financial Management Plan.

3. Submit your application.

  1. District Grants fund short-term activities and projects … either local or international … that support The Foundation’s Mission

  2. Grants are approved on the basis of:

    • their eligibility;
    • the club's contribution to The Rotary Foundation
    • the club’s contribution to the project (financial or in kind);
    • the merit and benefits of the project; and
    • any ongoing community benefits.
  3. Grant Applications open in November and normally close 30 April the following year, however, for grants for Rotary year 2023-24, the closing date is 31 May 2023

  4. Clubs can submit up to three applications per year but they must be prioritised

  5. Normally Grant funding will be allocated to clubs on a reimbursement basis. However, clubs, as part of their application, may submit a request for funding in advance along with justification for that request. The Committee will consider such requests on a club by club basis, based on the following criteria and at the full discretion of the Committee (approval of payment in advance should not be assumed by clubs):

    • The Club’s Grant Management Plan.
    • The Club’s justification for requesting advanced funding as provided in their application.
    • The Club’s history with respect to proper Grant management
More information and the form for application can be downloaded below:

4. Reporting

  1. Upon completion of the project, audit requirements specify that Clubs are to provide receipts for expenditure of Grant funds. Receipts must include date of expenditure 
  2. A full and documented report of the project / activity is to be received by The Rotary Foundation Committee within 30 days of completion, with quality photographs where appropriate but in any case prior to the 31 May.
  3. Rotary District 9620 has prepared a District Grant Final Report Template that can be used to prepare reports and help you to ensure that all necessary information is covered.

5. More Information


Contact District 9620 District Grants Chair PDG Patrice Robinson