Risk Management

Liability Insurance and Risk Management for Rotary Clubs

Diligent risk management continues to be the best method to avoid claims against clubs and ultimately, fluctuations in insurance premiums that Rotarians fund. Rotary’s public image must be that of a responsible organisation, whose activities will not expose the general public to unnecessary risk.
To assist in the safe management of our respective activities the attached Risk Management templates must be used for each event that your Club undertakes.
Rotary has done some excellent work over the past few years in the area of risk management, and it is important to maintain this momentum.
These documents will assist. The documents are: -

1. Insurance Pro Forma

This form is to be submitted to DIO prior to the commencement of any project/event. (It should be noted that activities of a repetitive nature such as Sausage Sizzles etc., only require one annual request form only)

2. Risk Management Checklist

This is a quick reference guide for Clubs to use as an aid to ensure the best risk management practice for activities undertaken on a day-to-day basis. I would encourage Clubs to use this as a matter of course, it is a handy tick card that helps identify and treat everyday risk.

3. Risk management Form

Gives the essential information to commence the Risk Management approach

4. General Release and Indemnity Form

(Only Required when participants are participating in any sport, game, match, race, practice, training course, trial, contest or competition)

If you are unsure whether a certain event or activity would be covered under the Rotary insurance programme please complete and return these documents to Peter Marer (District Insurance Officer) who, if necessary, will forward the documents on to AON for discussion with insurers.

You can download a bundle with all the above forms and a copy of the latest Rotary insurance handbook using the button below: