AUSTRALIA – Those parts of the states of Queensland and New South Wales bounded by a line which runs from the Pacific Ocean west along 26˚00’ S to meet Longitude 141˚00’ E, (the northern boundary of D9620), thence south along Longitude 141˚00’ E (which is the Queensland/South Australia border) to Latitude 28˚00’ S, thence east along Latitude 28˚00 S to Longitude 145˚15’ E, thence south along Longitude 145˚15’ E to Latitude 29˚25’ S, thence east along Latitude 29˚25’ S to Longitude 151˚50’ E, thence south along Longitude 151˚50’ E to Latitude 30˚00’ S, thence east along Latitude 30˚00’ S to the Pacific Ocean. PAPUA NEW GUINEA, SOLOMON ISLANDS and NAURU.

Transition Plan

The Transition Reference Team (TRT) The TRT comprises the GTrain from each of the three Districts as at today’s date (2017-2018 DG, DGE, DGN. DGND and IPDG and the 2021-2022 DG (when elected)). Current DG’s have final approval, overall responsibility and report progress to Clubs, Zone and RI. Each district’s Board has the right to replace any of their members of the TRT or TLT (described below) Transition Leadership Team (TLT) TLT members are Alan Stephens, John Lane, Doug St Clair, Elwyn Hodges, Michael Irving and Darrell Brown. The TMT reports to theTRT and is responsible for the development of Transition Plans and overall implementation. They provide guidance to the Action Committees and oversee their progress and set deadlines for the Action Committees (described below) on the various stages and report to the TRT. Action Committees There will be six Action Committees.

  1. Administration, Finance and Governance
  2. Youth
  3. Foundation
  4. Services
  5. Membership and Public Image
  6. Training

ActionCommitteeStructure Each Action Committee will comprise 3 members, one from each District.  In addition to this a member of the TLT will be coordinator of each committee. Each Action Committee will have a number of Action Teams working on areas within the Action Committee’s responsibility. Each Committee Coordinator will have the responsibility to report progress to the Transition Leadership Team.

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